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Panthenol, essential to all!

With Panthenol, as the core ingredient, Greek company MEDI SEI designed in 2008 the Panthenol Extra skin care line, in order to provide everyone with high quality products that meet the everyday needs of both children and adults, such as moisturization, cleansing, anti-aging, sun protection.

Panthenol is one of the best-known beneficial ingredients in the skincare industry. It is a special, all-natural agent, directly related to the water-soluble Vitamin B5, also known as provitamin B5. Panthenol has the ability to penetrate the skin much better than Vitamin B5, thus passing its unique properties into the skin layers more effectively.

Katerina Tsavalou, actress

"As an actress, my daily skin needs are various, so I confide in the cosmetics, Panthenol Extra!'

Alexia Zaradouka, blogger missbloublou

"Explore the most beautiful and glow version of yourself. Give to your skin, skincare you deserve to be treated with the total cosmetic line, Panthenol Extra!"

Lavinia Stathaki, blogger drumsoffashion

"Confide in an innovative cosmetic line and give to your self, skin you deserve with Panthenol Extra!"